Acne and pimples
How to prevent acne
It’s impossible to prevent acne because it is caused by the hormonal surge that occurs in puberty.

However, you can prevent it from getting worse by:

  • Not scratching, squeezing, popping or touching your pimples, as this can maintain the acne and cause scarring;
  • Gently cleaning the affected areas with mild soap twice a day;
  • Taking a shower every day and after any major exercise;
  • Washing your hair frequently if you have oily hair;
  • Avoiding sun exposure;
  • Shaving your face only if necessary so as to avoid irritating your skin;
  • Removing your makeup before you go to bed;
  • Avoiding the use of thick, oil-based makeup foundations or cosmetics;
  • Using non-comedogenic, water-based cosmetic products;
  • Avoiding tight-fitting clothing or sports equipment that could increase perspiration and irritation (a combination of sweat and sebum can contribute to acne outbreaks);
  • Avoiding prolonged contact between your skin and such items as the telephone, your hands, your hair (a haircut that leaves hair covering your face), etc.
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