How much time should you set aside for exercise?
Too much or too little? Do you think you’re getting enough exercise every day? Do you spend a lot of your free time in front of the TV or computer? If you think you should be getting more exercise in order to feel better about yourself and to feel healthier, start by cutting down your time in front of the TV or computer by 30 minutes a day and do a sport of your choice instead (rollerblading, speed-walking, bicycling, bodybuilding, etc.). Or in the other extreme, are you spending all your spare time at the gym, and ignoring your studies and friends? What’s important is to achieve a balance.

Throughout the day. Did you know that you can incorporate physical exercise into your everyday activities? For instance, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, you can walk instead of taking the bus, you can go for a walk with friends instead of sitting in the cafeteria, etc.

It shouldn’t be torture! Physical activity shouldn’t be a torture session for you or your body. Remember that it’s important to enjoy exercising; otherwise you may end up dropping it or injuring yourself.

Respect your limitations. Start out with what your abilities allow, and progress at your own pace.

Get the right information. Ask for advice from physical education professionals (teachers, trainers) or from a doctor to be sure you choose activities and intensity levels that are appropriate for you. They can also check if your diet is suitable for your new activity routine.

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