How to choose your physical activities
Fun first! Choose activities based on what you enjoy and prefer doing. If you’re unsure about what you might like, try different sports and activities to find out what suits you. If you already have a good idea, go ahead and sign up for these activities at school, or at your local sports or community centre.

Something for everyone! There are all sorts of physical activities available, including aerobic exercise, bodybuilding, group or individual exercise sessions, and moderate to intense activities.

Your goal. It’s important to do a sport to feel good, to stay healthy and to enjoy yourself. If you’re doing it with the intent of magically achieving a perfect body, you could end up being disappointed and quickly dropping it, because there is no such thing as the perfect body! Do you think your goals are realistic? The changes that occur through healthy physical training are subtle and gradual, but effective!

Your limitations. Do you take into account your abilities and limitations when exercising?

For some helpful ideas, visit: www.vasy.gouv.qc.ca (in French only).
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