Feeling comfortable with your body
Accept your body
• You know there’s no such thing as a perfect body! Everyone is unique both in appearance and personality.

Get to know your body, i.e. what you like about it and what you don’t. Identify the traits you like. Take care of yourself and look after your appearance.

• Learn to focus your attention on the things you can control. For example, you have no control over the media or what other people say, but you do have control over what you tell yourself when you put your bathing suit on.

• Identify your negative thoughts and confront them. For example, if you tell yourself you’ll only be happy if you had a different body. You can face this thought by reminding yourself that it’s not the colour of your eyes, or the shape of your thighs or breasts that decide if you’re happy or not; it’s you who controls your happiness. Once you’ve learned to value your appearance, you’ll feel happier.

Stop checking and worrying about your appearance too much.

• Try to take a realistic look at the bodies of the people around you (your peers), and observe their qualities and flaws. You’ll see that everyone is unique and that everyone has a different body!

Get involved in activities and sports that make you feel good and that allow you to hone your skills.
express yourself

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