Feeling comfortable with your body
All shapes and sizes
• Your body is a bit like your “packaging”! Everyone comes in a different outer wrapping. Some people have brown eyes, others have slanted eyes; some people are tall, others are short; some people have broad shoulders, others have wide hips; some people have small breasts, etc. Have you ever noticed that everyone’s different, not just in terms of their physical traits but also in terms of their personality?

• However, it may still be hard to accept your body the way it is!

• The media bombards us with messages, images and photos of bodies that are all touched up, remodelled, operated on and made up to meet the unrealistic beauty criteria valued by society.

• Sometimes, peer groups can convey false messages about having to be thin in order to be happy!

Your own body image may even be unrealistic and distorted by your concept of ideal beauty.

• All these messages can influence your self-esteem and body image, i.e. your body perception and satisfaction. This will depend on the importance you place on beauty compared to other personal traits such as personality, strengths, qualities and achievements. It’s all a matter of balance!

• A negative body image can make you very unhappy and distressed; it can cause you to isolate yourself, undervalue yourself and even lead to eating disorders.
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