It is illegal!
Bullying is illegal!
Regardless of the type of bullying or cyber-bullying, they all have legal consequences.

According to the Criminal Code, bullying behaviour is illegal. It can lead to an arrest and can be punishable by law for youths aged 12 or older. Youths under the age of 12 who bully have to face the consequences of their actions in accordance with their school’s code of conduct or their parent’s rules. A report may also be made to the youth protection branch, with various consequences. 

According to the Civil Code, youths who bully can be found guilty of causing harm (distress, anxiety, etc.) and the individual concerned, or their parents, may be fined to compensate the victim. 
Bullying associated with a person’s gender, sexual orientation or religion goes against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and can have legal consequences.

As for cyber-bullying, not only can it be reported to the police, it’s also possible to block a bully’s account and profile by reporting their behaviour to the Internet provider or issuing media (e.g. Facebook).

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