You are a witness or an accomplice
You are a witness of intimidation

As a witness to bullying or cyber-bullying, even if you aren’t directly involved, you may feel ill at ease in the situation. 

If you’re a witness to bullying, you can quickly become the aggressor’s accomplice simply by being there and laughing, even if it’s not your intention to bully. 
Being a witness or accomplice may lead you to:

Avoid being friends with someone who has been bullied for fear of being bullied yourself
Encourage the bully by being their accomplice if you react positively to their words or actions (by laughing at the mocking and insults, by surrounding the person being bullied to prevent them from escaping, by pointing your finger at them, etc.) even if you don’t fully agree with the bully’s behaviour
Become violent and aggressive in order to be part of the gang
• Feel guilty for not helping the person being bullied and for not reporting the bully
• Feel powerless in the face of what’s happening
Fear being a victim of bullying and therefore want to avoid bullies and the places where such incidents occur (skipping school, avoiding the school bus, etc.)

Witnessing a bullying or cyber-bullying situation can be very disorienting. Always remember that there are lots of things you can do to help someone affected by bullying. 

What to do
Witnessing or sometimes being an accomplice to bullying may put you through all sorts of emotions. Remember that you can help the victim!
Here are some suggestions:

Don’t participate in bullying or cyber-bullying.
Don’t encourage the bully by laughing at their insults, and try to remain neutral. Remember that you become an accomplice when you encourage the bully because the aggressor needs an audience to feel important and powerful.
Offer your help and support to the one being bullied by:
  - confronting the bully and saying you don’t agree with what they’re doing (e.g. “Stop that! What you’re saying is hurtful to Annie, and it’s unacceptable!”)
  - conveying your disapproval through your gestures and attitude
  - going over to the victim to offer your support (e.g. “Don’t listen to him! Do you feel like having lunch with me and my friends?”)
- offering your help in reporting the bully and getting help from an adult the victim trusts
Denounce any bullying or cyber-bullying situations that you witness by expressing your disapproval.
Encourage other witnesses to join forces to report the bullying or cyber-bullying situation. 
• Don’t hesitate to seek support from an adult you trust to help you manage the emotions this situation causes you to feel. You can also call us at Tel-Jeunes at anytime.

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