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You can’t buy alcoholic beverages if you are under the age of 18. Alcohol is generally not permitted in places frequented by young people. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is severely punishable by law.


People drink alcohol for various reasons:

For the taste. Some people drink to tickle their taste buds, because they enjoy the taste of alcohol.

To celebrate. In moderate quantities, alcohol can bring about a state of relaxation that makes socializing easier.

To be like other people. Sometimes, when everyone else in a group has a drink in their hands, people have a tendency to be like the others and have a drink too.

As a means of escape. Some people use alcohol to escape from a reality they prefer not to face. These people are the ones at the highest risk of developing an addiction.


People can choose to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, in excess, or not at all!

Not a drop.
You don’t have to drink alcoholic beverages. You can choose to not drink at all. There are lots of good reasons: because you’re aware of the risks, because you don’t feel like it, because you don’t like the taste, because you’ve already had a bad alcohol-related experience, because you don’t like what becomes of you when you drink, because of religious or legal considerations, or because it’s against your principles.

It may be easier for you to stick to your values and choices if you have friends who are non-drinkers. And there are lots of activities that do not involve alcohol. The more involved you are in your projects and the more you participate in sports and other activities, the less chance you’ll have of finding yourself in situations in which alcohol is present.

You may find it hard not to drink alcohol when people around you are drinking. If this happens, remember your reasons for choosing not to drink. Are you obliged to justify your choice? Can you stand up for yourself?

Moderation. Drinking in moderation means drinking responsibly and only occasionally. It means making sure that you’re not endangering yourself and others. It means being aware that there are many factors that affect the way in which alcohol is absorbed by the body, and that these factors are different in different situations.

Alcohol abuse. Some people occasionally abuse alcohol because of its effects. Others develop a real alcohol-related problem due to the frequency of their drinking.
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