Conflicts and communication
Telling your parents something important
You might feel uncomfortable telling your parents certain things, such as:
  • you’ve taken drugs before
  • you’re pregnant
  • you’re homosexual
  • you've had sexual relations
  • you broke your mother’s favourite vase
  • you failed a test at school
The ideal moment. It’s important to choose the right moment — you might even consider making an appointment! Some things are easier said when you know that everyone is available and can concentrate on the discussion.

Choosing the right moment is good. But waiting for the perfect moment... well, you’d have to wait forever! Better to jump right in when you feel ready than to wait for the perfect moment that probably won’t ever come!

Time. Plan on having enough time for your parents to react to what you’re telling them or to discuss solutions together.

The message. Communicate your message clearly. If you try to make the situation look prettier or less serious than it really is, you may create misunderstandings. It’s also always better to use the “I” form, without accusing anyone of anything. Generally, this makes people more inclined to listen to you!

Be open to other people's reactions. Your parents may react to what you have to say. Do you think you can be open to their reactions and accept that they have a right to react? After all, if you tell them something important or that’s going to change your relationship with them in some way, they may react strongly and need time to digest the news. Can you accept giving them time to react?
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