Conflicts and communication
When you feel judged by your parents
For all sorts of reasons, you may feel your parents judge you. You may feel like they don’t understand you, don’t respect your choices, or don't respect the things you feel are important.

Express your feelings. If you feel judged by your parents, it may be important to let them know what you're going through (anger, frustration, hurt, etc.). This makes it easier to discuss things and lets you get past simply reacting emotionally.

Check to see if your impressions are right. Everyone has their own perceptions! Maybe something you interpreted as a judgment wasn’t really one, or your parent didn't really mean to judge you! Have you stopped to check directly with your parents to see if your impressions are true?

Make a plan to keep this situation from happening again. Can you and your parents think of ways to make sure you don't get the wrong impressions or can express your feelings more easily? Is there room to talk about the things that bother you?

Remember — you can always contact Tel-jeunes to help you clear up these things!
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