Relationships with your parent's new partner
“They're going to pay for this!” Resist the temptation to blame your parent's new partner for everything. Don't forget — they also have to adapt to you and define their role and their relationship to you.

“It's none of your business!”
If you feel like your parent’s new partner is getting involved in things that are none of their business, or you don't like the authority they're exerting over you, you might talk to your parent about what you're unhappy about or what you disagree with. You might also talk to your parent's new partner, if you think that that’s possible.

Smoking the peace pipe. To make this transition easier, try to find things you like about your parent's new partner, take an interest in who they are and what they do, keep the lines of communication open, and resist the temptation to decide right off the bat that they're the enemy. Give it a shot!
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