When your parents break up
Whose fault is it?

Having your parents separate is very difficult — in fact, it's one
of the most stressful experiences children go through. You might feel
ashamed of, afraid of, guilty about, sad about, or angry at one or both
of your parents, and might think that you are in some way responsible
for what's happened. But you have to understand that the break up of a
romantic relationship really only concerns the two partners. Of course,
breaking up, separating, or divorcing have consequences for the
children, but remember that things aren't your fault. You shouldn't
feel that you have to try to patch things up. Your parents are adults
and what they're ending is their relationship with each other, not
their parental relationship with you.

If you feel very
guilty, you should talk about it with someone. Your parents and your
siblings might be too close to the situation to help you. If that's the
case, think about talking to another adult close to you or calling

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