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What is the role of a parent?
Having parents isn’t always a lot of fun! But being a parent isn’t always fun and games either! What exactly does a parent do? Well, parents play many roles, but two of the most important are:

Loving their children. The parent-children bond is based on mutual love and affection. This relationship provides children with comfort, support, advice, and help, and allows them to grow. When everything goes right, children and parents enjoy spending time together. There are therefore many reasons that this relationship is important for both parents and children.

Providing structure. This is the role that's the hardest for children to appreciate — especially at certain points in their lives! But part of being a parent is to set guidelines to help children develop, teach children the consequences of their actions, and react to unacceptable behaviours involving the family. And parents are also the ones to transmit socially acceptable values and behaviours to their children.
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