Your siblings
How do you get along with your siblings?
Sometimes, you may wonder what you did to deserve brothers or sisters! Other times, you may thank your lucky stars they’re there to take care of you or support you through rough times. Having siblings means learning things that will stay with you throughout your life.

Complicity or rivalry? Having brothers and sisters can be fantastic! Siblings are like friends and can be a source of support in rough times. But, they're also the people you get the angriest at! Sibling relationships are among the most complex you'll have.

Solidarity. You can choose to have positive relationships with your brothers and sisters. This can be a good investment, since they’ll always be there.Solidarity between siblings can also be very useful when dealing with parents...

A model? Is your brother or sister your hero? Maybe you want to be too much like them. Remember — you have a right to be yourself!

Differences. Having brothers and sisters also means learning to live with people who are different than you. And because you can’t break up with a sibling, it's best to learn to live together! Learning about differences will serve you well in lots of other situations in your life! There will always be people you won't be crazy about or with whom you have difficulty getting along. Living with your brothers and sisters is good practice for dealing with these people!
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