Your siblings
Should you tell your siblings' secrets to your parents?
Your sibling may confide in you, because you're the closest person to them. There are all sorts of secrets, and if any of them make you uncomfortable or have serious implications, it's important that you don't feel trapped by the bonds of secrecy.

Important! Remember that you can't keep any secret that has anything to do with suicide! If your sibling has talked to you about suicide, you must not keep this to yourself — talk to an adult you can trust. You might feel like you're betraying your sibling, but you're actually helping them stay alive (read more here about suicide).

Sometimes, if you've been fighting with a brother or a sister, you might decide to take revenge and tell your parents a secret your sibling has shared with you. Think about the consequences of your actions! This might ruin you relationship with your sibling and destroy any trust they have in you.

It’s up to you to decide it’s worth it!
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