Love and friendship
Choosing between your friends and the person you love
If you're in a romantic relationship, you may wonder how to manage the time you spend with your girlfriend or boyfriend and the time you spend with your friends. Your friends may even start complaining that they don’t see you anymore. Sound familiar?

Assess the way you divide your time between your boyfriend or girlfriend and your friends. Are you happy with the current setup? Does it meet your needs?

Talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Reassure them and listen to their take on the situation. Being in a romantic relationship is sure to change the amount of time you spend with your friends, at least a little, but can you find ways to not lose touch?

If you’re dating a friend's ex and trying to keep it a secret, take the time to think through the consequences this secret may have. What if your friend learned about it from someone else or saw the two of you together? Is it more risky to reveal everything or to try and hide your relationship with your friend’s ex?
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It's absolutely essential to respect the people you like and be loyal to them!

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