Love and friendship
"My friend is dating my ex!"
How do you feel? Envious? Angry? Sad? Happy? Every one has their own reaction to seeing people who are important to them becoming romantically involved with each other. For example, you might feel that a friend shouldn’t be romantically interested in someone who hurt you. On the other hand, you might feel that your friend has every right to try their luck. What are some other reactions you might have?

Set clear limits if you think that learning too many details about the new relationship might cause you pain. Are you comfortable seeing them together? Do you even want to hear about it? Do you prefer to put some distance between you and this friend for the time being?

Talk to your friend or your ex to see if there is some way for everyone to feel comfortable.

Assess the cost of losing your friend over their new romantic relationship. Is this new development a big enough deal to destroy your friendship? Sometimes, simply talking about it clears the air.
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It’s completely normal for friendships to be tense at times, and for disagreements or conflicts to arise.

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