Problems with friends
Disagreeing with friends
You may be very good friends with someone but disagree with some of their choices. What should you do in these situations?

Live and let live. Can you accept the fact that a friend may not share all your tastes or may not act as you would? Do you have a problem with your friends making their own choices? You know, not being identical to your friends isn't necessarily a problem. Everyone is unique and it's quite possible to get along with and like people who are very different from you!

Talk about what's bothering you. If one of your friend’s choices or habits bothers you too much, why not take the time to talk about it with them? Maybe there’s something that can be done so that you don’t feel so uncomfortable or so your friend’s choice doesn’t affect you or your friendship so strongly.

Accept your differences. You don't have to share all your friends' tastes. You can make your own choices and still have a good friendship! In fact, in some cases you might even find your differences are the thing you like the most about your friendship, because they're so enriching!
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Every one has their own reaction to seeing people who are important to them becoming romantically involved with each other.

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