Problems with friends
Feeling left out
Feeling left out is something a lot of people go through, and it's not easy to deal with!

Talk about it! It might be a good idea to ask your friends about what's going on and tell them how you feel. Once you determine whether your impressions were true, you won't have to rely on vague feelings.

Widen your circle of friends. Friendship is a connection that can change or break over time. Rejection hurts most when you’ve invested everything in only one friendship. Have you taken the time to know other interesting people?

Bounce back! If you feel like it’s impossible to talk to your friends about what’s happening, take a step back and let the dust settle, and remember that you were able to make friends in the past, so there's no reason you can't make new ones now.
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It's absolutely essential to respect the people you like and be loyal to them!

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