Problems with friends
Some situations can make you feel jealous even when your friendship is strong. For instance, maybe a friend is spending a lot of time with other friends or with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe they're even going out with your ex!

Think about why you're feeling jealous. Why does the fact that your friend has other interests or friends bother you so much? How does that take anything away from you?

Be frank with your friend and tell them what you're going through and what's bothering you. This will help resolve the crisis. Once your friend knows what you're going through, they may be able to reassure you or explain themself.

Think about the consequences your jealousy could have. The problem with jealousy is that it's often a self-fulfilling prophecy: it causes the very thing you're afraid of to occur! For example, your friend might find it so hard to be around a jealous friend that they don't want to see you as much.
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Friendship between boys and girls : the important thing is to be comfortable with your relationship with the other person.

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