True Friendship
Friends forever?
“You’ll always be my friend!” — that’s a promise lots of friends make, but is it really one they can keep? Can you really stay friends for life? Well yes, it is possible...

Time changes everything. What makes it difficult to stay friends for your whole lives is that everyone changes. Over time, your interests, the activities you like, the way you see the world, your relationships — everything will change! And to make things even more complicated, your friends change, too.

So what can you do to help your friendship survive? Your friendships have to adapt and change, too! Are you prepared to see your friends less frequently if you don’t go to the same school? Can you accept the fact that your friend has a girlfriend or boyfriend? And what if you move to another town? All these things can put your friendships to the test!

Know how to resolve conflicts. Friendships only last if the friends can cope with the conflicts and misunderstandings that inevitably arise. Are you able to talk to your friends about the problems between you? If you tend to take things hard and pout, your friendship may crumble! Your goal should not be to avoid every single conflict, but to be able to resolve any conflicts you do have!

"See ya later!" For all kinds of reasons, you may need to take some time out from a friend. You may go through periods in which you see some friends more and others less. It's normal for friendships to have breaks, intense periods, and temporary —and even permanent — separations!

In short, making a friendship work takes
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It’s completely normal for friendships to be tense at times, and for disagreements or conflicts to arise.

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