Needing help
Tell-tale behaviours
When people are going through rough periods, their behaviour changes. In general, guys tend to act more than talk. Here are a few signs that suggest that you need to ask for help.

Aggression. You're easily irritated. You're insulting or aggressive towards your parents and other people around you whenever they try to talk to you. You slam doors and break things that belong to you or others. If someone looks at you a second too long, you feel threatened.

Isolation. You don’t see your friends anymore. You don’t go to class. You spend most of your time alone. And all this causes you a lot of pain.

Consuming alcohol and drugs. You consume more and more alcohol or drugs. You do this to forget your problems and numb your pain. You seem to feel happier when you're drunk or high (read more here about drugs and other addictions).

Delinquency and vandalism. You participate in thefts and taxing. You start associating with a street gang (read more here about street gangs). You participate in illegal activities. You write graffiti.

Russian Roulette. You drive your car really fast, and participate in sports or other activities in which there is a significant risk of injury. You participate in activities that can get you killed.

Keeping yourself constantly busy. You throw yourself into your favourite sport or hobby (for example, music, video games), your studies, or your work. You never stop.

A couple of questions you might want to ask yourself…
  • Do any of these behaviours ring a bell?
  • If so, do you think it would be useful to ask for help
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