Not trusting adults
"Do as I say!" When your parents tell you what to do at home and you don't do it, there are consequences. When teachers ask you to behave in a certain way and you don't, there are consequences. Seeing grown-ups only as authority figures may keep you from going to them for help.

You may be scared that talking to an adult about your problems may:
  • make the problem worse
  • cause them to judge you and make you feel guilty
  • cause them to make fun of you
  • make them reject you
  • bother them
The most important thing is to find an adult you can trust. This might be a counsellor at school or at a youth center you like going to, a streetworker who seems nice, your favourite uncle, or a Tel-jeunes counsellor.

A couple of questions you might want to ask yourself…
  • How do you feel about the adults in your life?
  • Have these feelings kept you from asking them for help?
  • Is there someone close to you who could provide you with support? If not, who could?
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