“Hey, it’s not such a big deal!”, “I’m sure things will be better soon,” “It’s been worse,” “I’ll get through this easily again,” “I’m strong enough to get through this, no problem.” When you’re going through a really hard time, these kinds of thoughts may keep you from seeking out the help you need.

Imagine an air traffic controller telling a pilot that there’s a big storm coming his way. What would happen if the pilot said to himself: “Hey, no big deal, I’m good enough to get through this one!” Don’t you think the plane might crash if the pilot overestimates his ability to get through the storm?

A couple of questions you might want to ask yourself…
  • When you’ve been through difficult situations, have you ever downplayed the seriousness of what you were going through?
  • Did it help you to think that way?
  • Did this kind of thinking ever keep you from seeking help, even if you wanted some?
  • If you ever have these kinds of thoughts again, do you think you’d be able to recognize them?
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