Entertainment over the Internet
Entertainment over the Internet
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Downloading files, especially music files, is very popular among young people. In some cases, downloading these files is illegal. Artists whose music is extensively pirated on the Internet may see their income drop significantly and may even be unable to survive as artists. Right now, just about every young person has their own attitude to illegal downloading.

  • Is this behaviour consistent with your values?
  • Are you prepared to live with the consequences of your actions? (Not only consequences for your favourite artist, but also possible legal consequences for you)
Many young people say that they download music files so they can decide whether or not to buy an artist’s new CD.

What other ways are there for you to evaluate a new album you’re interested in?
  • Nowadays, artists sometimes let people listen to a few singles for free on their sites
  • Many music stores allow you to listen to an album before you buy it.
  • Radio programs play tons of new recordings.
  • Very often, you may know a person who has already bought the CD you’re interested in. Why don’t you ask them to lend it to you for an evening?
Respect for copyright is a collective responsibility. Everybody can do a little to ensure the continued survival of the artists who inspire us and make us dream.
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