Information on the Internet
Not always appropriate for all age groups
Why do adults think that young people shouldn’t have access to some sites? Pornography, online gambling, some dating or socila networking sites... Why don’t they just allow everyone to make decisions for themselves?

The reason is that, while people's intellectual and psychological development continues throughout childhood and adolescence, children and teens have not yet acquired the necessary faculties to correctly evaluate the content of sites that are reserved for adults.
  • How can you know if a situation is true or false if you’ve never had any information on the subject?
  • How can you judge what’s possible or impossible if your brain hasn’t fully developed?
Would you let your five-year-old brother watch a horror movie by himself? Your reaction to sites whose content is not appropriate for your age might be like your brother’s reaction to such a horror film: incomprehension, misinterpretation, and fear.
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