Being in love
Feelings for another person
A bolt of lightning or a slow burn? Sometimes, the attraction is immediate, while other times the butterflies in your stomach only come with time!

Take your time.
Even if you know you’re attracted to someone, you don't have to reveal everything right away. You can take your time and take things at a pace you're comfortable with.


A romantic relationship often starts with attraction. But just what does it mean to be attracted to someone?

It’s a powerful feeling that makes you think that a person is special, unique; it takes your breath away and is all you can think about.

It’s unpredictable. You become attracted when you least expect it. Sometimes, it comes out of the blue and makes you notice people to whom you hadn't paid any attention before!

It’s an individual thing.
Because you have your own physical criteria for looks, style, personality, and qualities, the people you're attracted to will be different from the ones who attract your neighbours and friends... or worst enemy!

Here are a few questions to help you judge your attraction to someone:
  • How do you feel physically when you see or think about them?
  • Do you feel differently than when you’re with your friends and family?
  • What makes you find this person unique?
  • Do you want them to treat you differently than other people?
Once you’re sure you’re attracted to someone, you can:
  • talk to them (read more here about choosing to share your feelings)
  • wait to see if they feel the same!


We can’t read other people’s thoughts… But here are a few things to remember when you're trying to figure out whether someone is interested in you:

Everyone makes mistakes! To decode the signs that someone is interested in you or loves you, you have to stick your neck out, try things, and yes, sometimes even make mistakes. That’s how you learn!

Details, details, details! Little things like comments, being paid attention to, being made to feel like you’re important and what have you to say is worth listening to, …any little sign from the person you’re interested in can help you decode their feelings over time! But don’t forget that everyone can make a mistake and misinterpret someone else's feelings, so you might have to ask the person you're interested in if you're right.

Actions speak louder than words! Fed up with waiting? Why not try asking questions or suggesting that the two of you do something together?

Opinions can help! Have you thought of asking your friends if they have the same impression as you? Do they share doubts that you also have?

Only one person can tell you for sure: the one you love!
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