Being in love
Internet dating
It's a small world on the Internet! There are lots of advantages, like chatting with your friends or your partner right away, whenever you want to.

But are there risks, too? A few questions you might want to ask yourself:
  • Do I know who I’m chatting with? Without hearing an actual voice, it’s difficult to know.
  • Do I really know the other person? It's tempting to stretch the truth and tell white lies on the Internet...
  • What about my safety? Be very cautious. Especially when you’re thinking about giving out personal information (name, address, telephone number, photo, etc.).
  • Does someone know where I’ll be? It's always safer when you say where you're going.
Virtual love. It’s possible to fall in love on the Internet — even fall head over heels! But the person you think you're chatting with may not be the same as the real-life person! Here are a few hints to help you out:
  • Virtual life vs. real life? What role does this virtual relationship play in your life? Is it keeping you from experiencing things in your “real” life?
  • Why are you more comfortable talking with a partner online than face to face?
  • Are you comfortable with the advantages and disadvantages of an online relationship? Of not seeing each other? Of not really knowing each other?
A site to visit:

Internet 101: Surfing safely.

This site have lots of information on the dangers associated with surfing the 'Net (instant messaging, webcam), as well as real-life stories and ways to keep safe.
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Unfaithfulness can happen for all sorts of reasons.

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