Being in love
You're in love with an adult
Here are a few things to think about if you're in love with an adult:

Love? Or just help? You can appreciate what the adults around you (teachers, professionals, coaches, etc.) do for you, and maybe that seems like love to you. But maybe these adults are just trying to help you and give you support.

"I love him!" Do you love this adult because of the role they play in your life? For example, do you think that someone is in love with you just because they're warm and friendly?

Forbidden love. Are the feelings mutual? Are you comfortable with the fact that they are in a position of authority over you? Is your relationship likely to get complicated? Is it legal?

Top secret :
Are you comfortable with the fact that you may have to hide this relationship?

Differences. Are you comfortable with the differences in your ages, interests, and life experiences?
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We all want to love someone and to be loved

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