Healthy relationships
Healthy relationships
When we’re in love, we want things to go well… But what are the ingredients for a relationship that works? Here are a few pointers to help make the ride go smoothly!

"We need to talk!"
You’ve probably heard it before: when it comes to relationships, communication is the key. Being in love means that there’s room to say what we feel, to listen, and to be listened to — even when it’s difficult!

Are the two of you having the same relationship? Do you agree on the meaning of faithfulness and freedom in your relationship?

Hand in hand. Is there room for both of you to make decisions? Do you feel as important as your partner in your relationship?

And all the other ingredients… Love, a sense of humour... What else do you want in your relationship?
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Everyone’s got things they want to keep private in romantic relationships

express yourself

What are my strengths?

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