Helping a friend
Helping a friend
Listen. Show a real interest in their feelings.

Respect your friend’s pace. It’s important not to rush your friend, even if you think you know what’s best for them.

Be positive. Suggest that you do things together, and encourage
them to focus on their strengths and skills, and on everything that’s
positive in their life.

Support them. Make a list of all the possible solutions, and support your friend as they sort out the best thing to do.

Get help. The fact that someone confides in you doesn’t mean you
have to come up with the perfect solution! Maybe you need help too! Who should you consult? Adults, professionals and Tel-jeunes are there for both of you!

Some things to avoid
  • Belittling the pain: "You weren't going out for that long!"
  • Giving false hope: "You’ll probably get back together!"
  • Insulting the ex: "What a jerk!"
  • Referring to your past advice: "I told you so! Don’t come crying to me!"
  • Not respecting your friend's pace: "My cousin’s looking for a boyfriend, introduce the two of you!"
  • Using guilt: "You’re such a drag!"
  • Gossiping: "I saw your ex yesterday. You'll never guess who they were with..."
  • Denying her feelings: "It’s no use crying! That’s not going to help anything anyway!"
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