Reassessing relationships
What should I do to improve the situation?
Roll up your sleeves. You might think about how you can change something and actively participate in improving the relationship.

"Listen to me!" Because there are two of you, it’s important to take your partner's desires into account and try to find compromises. You also have to clearly identify the problem.

Ready or not!
Is your partner ready to talk about it? Are both of you able to listen and — let’s hope! — agree (read more here about conflict resolution)?

Two heads are better than one! You can’t change your partner, but the two of you can work together to find a solution to your problems!

Drawing the line.
In the end, the conflict may be just too big and you'll have to decide whether you still want this relationship in your life. Again, only you have the power to decide (read more here about break ups)!
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But it’s normal for a relationship to change with time.

express yourself

What are my strengths?

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