The art of kissing
The art of kissing
Whether we kiss someone out of affection or just for fun, kissing is the subject of lots of questions and fears. Wonder if there’s a “right way” to kiss? Well, the answer is... No! Every person is different, and every kiss is too! Let's take a closer look…

A few notes on your first kiss:

"I’m scared!" The first time is often scary. Whether it's your very first time ever or the first time with your new love, stage fright is common. But it's also pretty exciting…

Stay cool! Everyone has a first time! Remember — your first kiss won’t be your last. You don't have to be perfect!

Keep those hormones under control!
Everyone’s got their own pace when it comes to intimacy. It’s totally okay to stay in your comfort zone.
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But it’s normal for a relationship to change with time.

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