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What is it?
•    People usually feel bored when they don’t know what to do, when nothing appeals to them or when they have time on their hands.

•    Boredom is healthy and normal and everyone feels bored at certain points.

•    Did you know that boredom is often a positive thing because it’s essential to the development of your imagination, creativity and autonomy?

•    Periods of boredom allow you to dream and identify your desires and future plans that are important to you. Feeling bored also teaches you to handle frustration and be more patient.

•    You’ll feel more bored if you wait for others to come up with activities to distract you with; in reality, you know yourself best.

How to deal with boredom
•    Accept that boredom is normal and part of life.

•    Take advantage of these periods to figure out what you want, make plans and do things that you prefer doing alone. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself and find out what stimulates and truly interests you.

•    Manage your time by planning activities and free time that allow room for your imagination and creativity.

•    Identify what activities you enjoy or want to take up (e.g. sports, after-school programs, theatre, dance, singing, volunteering) and work them into your schedule.

•    Talk about it. You’ll see, you’re not the only one who gets bored from time to time! You can also ask your friends for their tips on how to deal with boredom.
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