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What is it?

•    Stress is your body’s physical reaction to both pleasant and unpleasant situations.

•    Stress can sometimes be disturbing but keep in mind it’s very
because it gives you the energy needed to study and handle your
exams, as well as the motivation to persevere. Stress is vital!

•    But stress can also be harmful if it builds up. It can negatively
impact your concentration, your marks at school and your patience. It
can also make you irritable, tired and depressed.

•    Signs of stress include:

- A lump in your throat

- A knot in your stomach

- A loss or increase in appetite

- Sleep problems

- Generalized discomfort

- Inexplicable sadness or fatigue

- Increased irritability

How to handle your stress

The best way to manage stress is to prevent it from building up. While
you can’t eliminate it completely, you can use several methods to try
and manage stress, including:

  • Plan your activities and your studies throughout the term and don’t wait until the last minute to do your work.
  • Don’t overload yourself. Learn to say no or to give yourself enough time to think things over before agreeing to anything.
  • Find ways to relax (e.g. take a bath, listen to music, draw, exercise, take a break).
  • Talk about your feelings and the stressful situations you’re going
    through with your friends, parents, an adult you trust or Tel-jeunes.
    These people can help you find solutions to handle your stress.
  • Identify the most stressful aspect of your life at the moment and look at how you can change it.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid using drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
  • Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself each day.
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