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The blues
What are they?
•    The blues are a temporary state of sadness and dissatisfaction. You may have the blues ’cause you’re going through heartbreak, didn’t get the marks you’d hoped for on a test, or didn’t get the results you wanted in an athletic competition. You may feel down because of a fight with your parents or friends or because you’re having a hard time making a decision about something (e.g. choosing a CEGEP or school program).

•    You may feel a lack of energy and motivation. When you have the blues, your sleep patterns and appetite can change and you may become irritable. But with time, as your problems get resolved, your good mood will return.

•    It’s important to differentiate between “the blues” and “depression.” It’s not the same thing! Having the blues is a temporary sadness associated with events and dissatisfactions whereas depression is a state of deep and persistent sadness. To find out more, refer to: Depression.

What to do if you have the blues
•    Try to understand. What is it that’s getting you down or making you feel dissatisfied? 

•    Do something enjoyable! Try to see your friends and soak up their warmth and understanding.

•    Pamper yourself. Take care of yourself and do things you find comforting, e.g. watch your favourite movie, do a sport you enjoy.

•    Talk about it. Talk about what’s worrying you, about anything you’re dissatisfied with or that’s making you feel less cheerful than usual. You can talk to a friend, parent, school counsellor or call Tel-jeunes.

•    Talk to a professional. If you feel your blues are getting worse or that your symptoms are becoming more intense and taking up more and more room in your life, talk to a doctor or other professional, such as a psychologist. In some cases, the blues can develop into depression. (hyperlien) Check it out!
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