What is it?
•    Fear is an emotion you feel when you sense danger or a threat, whether real or not.

•    Fear is a perfectly normal emotion and very useful because it alerts you to danger so you can ensure your protection.

•    Fear causes various reactions. Some people scream, others become paralyzed, some sweat and tremble.

•    Reactions to fear vary from one person to the next because everyone has a different perception of danger. For example, being on a diving board five metres above the pool can trigger fear in someone who doesn’t know how to swim, yet for a diver, it’s a fun challenge!

How to handle your fear
•    Pinpoint your fear. Can you identify the situations that make you fearful? What are you afraid of exactly?

•    Evaluate the situation. Do you feel your fear is justified or not? If so, good, it’s probably protected you from a danger. If not, try to understand why you reacted this way.

•    Calm down. Give yourself time to relax.

•    Talk about it. It can be helpful to talk about what you’ve been feeling with someone you trust, or call Tel-jeunes.
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