What is it?
•    Sadness is an emotion. It’s perfectly normal to feel sad when faced with painful situations or events.

•    The intensity and duration of your sadness can vary depending on the cause.

•    Everyone has different levels of sensitivity and expresses their sadness in their own way. That’s why certain situations can affect you more than others and why you may react differently than other people.

•    Sadness can be expressed in different ways: by crying, getting angry, retreating into your own little bubble, not feeling motivated to do anything, etc.

•    If you feel like sadness is taking up too much room in your life, don’t hesitate to talk about it with a professional.

How to handle your sadness
•    Allow yourself to feel your sadness because it’s normal. Let out your tears and sorrow. Don’t feel badly or that you should hide away just because you’re feeling sad.

•    Change your mood by doing things you enjoy.

•    Talk about your feelings and worries with people you trust. They can help you feel better and find solutions if necessary. You can also call Tel-jeunes!
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