Mental health problems
What are they?
•    Mental health problems affect approximately 20% of the population. A number of mental health problems can emerge during adolescence.

•    They can affect anyone at any time, just like certain physical illnesses (e.g. cancer). No one is immune! Which means no one should feel ashamed! Despite the many taboos regarding mental health issues, these problems have nothing to do with “weakness.”

•    These problems manifest through changes in a person’s thoughts, mood and behaviour over a long period of time. They prevent the person from functioning at their full potential and from accomplishing the tasks they used to be able to do.

•    The causes are varied and complex, and can be associated with biological (hereditary) and psychological factors or be linked to life experiences.

•    There are many types of mental health problems: mood, anxiety and eating disorders, psychoses, personality disorders, etc.

•    Treatments may include psychotherapy, medication, psycho-education and community or family support.
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