Mental health
Why communicate?
•    Talking about what you’re going through and feeling with someone you trust can help you better understand your reactions and ease your pain.

•    Effective and respectful communication requires both parties being able to talk and listen.

•    Talking with someone you trust can help you see things from a different perspective and find new solutions to the challenges you’re facing.

•    Communicating with someone else can also help you feel less alone with your problems and feel that you are supported and understood.

Communicating effectively
Here are the guidelines for good communication:

•    Choose someone you trust and who you know can keep a secret if need be.

•    Choose a good time for both of you.

•    Explain to the other person how you’d like them to help you. For example, do you want them to give you advice, go with you to see a resource person, or simply listen to you non-judgementally, without telling you what to do?

•    Be open to suggestions from the other person. They can help you look at your situation in another light and figure out new solutions, if you’re open to listening.

•    Talk about yourself (using the “I” form) and what you’re feeling rather than accuse others. To find out more about conflict resolution strategies refer to: A conflict between friends.

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