Mental health
•    Self-mutilation is wounding yourself intentionally. This form of self-inflicted violence has grave consequences on your physical and psychological health.

•    Self-mutilation is an ineffective way of resolving problems. It is used to try and manage intense emotions such as anger or sadness in a person who has unfortunately never learned how to effectively handle their emotions.

•    People who self-mutilate aren’t usually out to end their lives but rather to eliminate certain difficult emotions they aren’t able to otherwise manage.

•    Careful! Self-mutilation is a behaviour that can quickly become habit-forming and drive you to do it more and more often.

•    If you mutilate yourself or are tempted to do so, it’s important to talk to someone you trust. You should promptly consult a doctor or other health professional such as a psychologist at your CLSC or school to avoid suffering by yourself. This will help you find other ways to relieve your pain and feel better.
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