Your girlfriend's pregnant
Making a decision
Do you want to be involved in the decision?
  • While some guys want to establish their point of view and be involved in the outcome, others prefer to leave the decision to their partner and assess their level of involvement as things progress (hyperlien to Things to think about).
  • Resource people at your CLSC, your school or Tel-jeunes can provide you with support in making your decision. These people won’t tell you what to do but they will answer your questions and help you see things more clearly.

“We agree”

Maybe you and your girlfriend both see things in the same way. Great! But that may not stop you from wondering about things or worrying!

“We’re not on the same page”

  • Maybe your girlfriend is thinking about having an abortion, or maybe she’s thinking about going through with the pregnancy, whereas you don’t agree. Talk to her about the reasons behind your own choice and about the role you want to play in terms of this choice.
  • Ultimately, the decision to pursue or terminate the pregnancy is up to your partner. If you don’t agree with her decision, it’s up to you to figure out how to deal with it.
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