Changes in your life
Changing schools
Changing schools — going from elementary to high school, from high school to college, moving — is often a big deal. Many young people have to face this challenge. You’re not alone!

The school of your choice. You have the right to go to the school that best meets your needs. If you have questions about the right school for you, contact your school board.

Going to a new school is a big change! You'll probably need some time to adapt. Take your time!

Back to school. If you’re stressed out about starting in a new school or going from elementary to high school, why don’t you try visiting your new school before the beginning of the school year?

To avoid getting panicky once the year starts, you can go see where your classrooms are. Remember — it’s okay to ask directions if you get lost!

New friends. Look around you in your classes: are there people who seem nice, whom you would like to get to know? Take your time. After all, it takes a bit of work to make friends! How have you made friends before (read more here about ways to make friends)?

Older students. Don’t be scared! If some of them use their size or age to scare or bully you, ask others what you can do.

Lots of teachers. In high school, you don’t have just one teacher. So you have to adapt to every teacher's style. This may take a little getting used to. If you don’t feel comfortable, why not talk about it with a teacher you think is especially nice?

It's raining homework! Changing schools or going to high school can mean changing how you work or using a daily planner to keep things straight!
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