Tools to help you
stay motivated
Establish your own goals.  You'll find school more interesting if you go with the idea of meeting your own needs. Everyone has their own way of taking advantages of the opportunities they are offered. What can going to school do for you?

Example: You might not really like some classes, but choose to go anyway because what you’ll learn will be useful in the job you want, or simply because you like seeing your friends there. Both are good reasons to continue going to school!

Follow your dreams. The people around you may have their dreams of your future, but don’t you think you would be more motivated if you went to school to pursue your own dreams and have school experiences that you yourself want?

Get to know yourself. Take the time to identify your strengths, your weaknesses, and the things that motivate you. Take the time to appreciate your talents and the things you do well!

Hold out a hand. Asking for help can help you stay motivated! Would you accept help if you were having trouble?

Focus on the things you like. When you're having a rough time, remember the subjects and activities you like! It’ll be easier to stay motivated!

Take an interest in the world around you. Take an interest in the other students in your classes, your teachers, and your school activities.
express yourself

What are my strengths?

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