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Your school has many people who are there to help you. Who's who?

Spiritual and community life counsellors can help you when you have questions about the meaning of life, about religion, or about community involvement!

Guidance counsellors
help you discover your interests and aptitudes, and make professional and academic choices.

School nurses
can answer your questions about your health or about issues such as pregnancy and contraception.

Learning specialists help students who have learning problems (especially in English and math) develop strategies that help them succeed at school.

Speech therapists
help resolve any kind of voice, speech, or language problem.

help students develop concrete strategies for interacting with others, resolving personal problems, and resolving conflicts.

can help when you have personal, family, or romantic problems, low self-esteem, problems with your friends, and when you're hyperactive or having trouble paying attention, etc.

Social workers
help you come up with concrete solutions to family problems. They also find ways to keep you functioning and refer you to useful resources.
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