Tools to help you
concentrate and stay attentive
Make a choice. Pay attention! Decide to take an interest in what you’re learning, and give your subjects and teachers a chance to pique your curiosity.

See the advantages. If you pay attention, you'll understand the material better and you may be able to spend less time on your homework and more time on your interests and friends!

Focus on what's important. Try to identify which material is really important and which is less important. Do you ask your teachers questions that help you do this?

Set your own pace. Do you have to get a good night's sleep to be able to concentrate in class? Do you have a note-taking method that allows you to study effectively? Have you developed little tricks to learn important material by heart? Are you going through anything that makes it hard to concentrate (family problems, drugs, relationship problems)?

Ask for help. If you have difficulty concentrating, remembering material, or doing your homework, your teachers and other school professionals are there to help you. Have you spoken to them?
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