What is contraception?
Contraception is the use of various methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Any sexual activity where sperm is near the vagina presents a risk of pregnancy. (hyperlien)

There are different contraceptive methods:   
•    Natural methods
•    Barrier methods: cervical cap, condom, Lea contraceptive, diaphragm, IUD
•    Hormonal methods: vaginal ring, injection, mini-Pill, Pill, intra-uterine system
•    Spermicides
•    Emergency methods: morning-after pill/ECP, morning-after IUD
•    Irreversible methods

The contraceptive methods most commonly used by adolescents are presented in detail, while those less recommended or less suited to your needs are presented more briefly.

Obviously, the condom is the best method because it protects against both unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of most STIs and HIV, which other methods don’t!
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