What are they?
Fantasies are a product of your imagination, an exciting scenario you conjure up in your head—a sort of daydream. You can have sexual or non-sexual fantasies (e.g. being in the arms of your loved one or speaking to him/her for the first time). Anyone can have a fantasy.

Your own private place!
There’s nothing obliging you to make your fantasies a reality or to reveal them to anyone else. Your fantasies can be a way to explore your desires, emotions and sexuality. As long as they’re in your head, you’re the one controlling the scenario and you may prefer that.

Turning a fantasy into reality (or not)
The decision to realize one of your fantasies is yours and yours alone. Only you know if it would be a good idea or not.

To make up your mind, consider your values and boundaries and whether or not the fantasy is realistic. Also, think about your partner or the other people involved. Do you think they would enjoy it?

Some scenarios may seem very exciting in your mind, but when you try to turn them into reality you also have to be able to live with the consequences! Have you taken into account STIs (STDs), HIV/AIDS and the risk of pregnancy?

A romantic scenario can very easily remain a fantasy without ever being made a reality. Think about your fantasy carefully before you act on it!
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