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Gynaecological exam
What is a gynaecological exam?
This is a medical examination of the female genital organs to ensure they are healthy and to detect any infection or disease. This exam includes the Pap test.

A gynaecological exam does not detect all STIs (STDs); sometimes a blood test is required.

When is a gynaecological exam necessary?
•    Within six months of your first sexual relation
•    When you turn 18, if you haven’t already had one
•    If you are experiencing itching or irritation in your vulva, pain during intercourse, a burning sensation during urination or if you note any changes to your vaginal discharge or odour
•    If you are pregnant
•    If you have been sexually assaulted

Breast exam
During the gynaecological exam, the doctor may also examine (palpate) your breasts to check for suspicious masses.

How to prepare for the exam
A bath, shower or simple washing of your genitals is all you need to do to prepare for a gynaecological exam.

You may feel uncomfortable having your genital organs examined. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor questions or tell him or her if you feel uncomfortable in any way.
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