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Vaginal odours
Vaginal odours can be unpleasant. Generally, they are normal and vary with your menstrual cycle and hygiene routine.
The best way to “control” these odours is to practise proper personal hygiene.

Vaginal discharge
Vaginal discharge is a slightly sticky, transparent or whitish secretion that you may find on your underwear. Its colour and thickness varies according to your menstrual cycle. This discharge is perfectly normal and occurs for the first time a few months before your first menstruation.

You cannot avoid vaginal discharge but you can use a panty liner if you feel uncomfortable; however, avoid using tampons or vaginal douches (the latter are contraindicated at all times).

Infections and irritations
The genitals are particularly sensitive to irritation and infection. One of the most common vaginal infections (hyperlien avec Infections Vaginales dans ITS) is the yeast infection. This fungal infection can be easily treated if properly diagnosed, but it can be transmitted to your partner during intercourse.

To help prevent vaginal infection or irritation, proper personal hygiene is important, as well as the use of a condom to prevent the transmission of infection.

Medical advice. Consult a doctor or other health professional if you experience itching or irritation in your vulva, pain during intercourse, a burning sensation during urination, or any changes in vaginal discharge or odour.
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